The Krakow Buglers

How would you like a full time, paying job, as a bugler in one of the world renowned positions? A job that keeps a centuries old tradition alive. There is just one catch: you have to be a Polish citizen. The job is in Krakow, Poland at St. Mary’s Basilica.

Buglers have been sounding the bugle every hour from the windows of the Basilica for 600 years. Buglers are members of the Fire Brigade, but do not respond to fire calls. Besides climbing the 272 stairs and playing the hejnał mariacki bugle call to four directions every hour, buglers also perform church music and act as tour guides for visitors. There is a squad of seven buglers who work in pairs. Shifts are 24 hours long with 48 hours off. You can check out a live feed at

Hejnał Mariacki (The Bugle Call of St. Mary)

Note: this music is transposed to the bugle scale. The original is written an octave lower and was originally played on a natural trumpet.

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