Duty Bugler Books

Anthology of Bugle Music: Combined Volumes 1 & 2

This is the largest, most complete collection of bugle music ever published. Everything from Volume 1 and Volume 2 together in one cover. Over 600 pages with almost 1,500 historical bugle calls and over 400 modern bugle calls from around the world. Plus over 300 marches and tunes. Available in paperback from Amazon.

Anthology of Bugle Music: Volumes 1 (Historical Signals and Calls)

Volume 1 contains almost 1,500 bugle calls from the 17th through 20th centuries. Also includes a history of bugles plus contextual and historical information throughout the book. 314p. Available in paperback from Amazon or spiral-bound from Lulu for easy playing on music stands.

Anthology of Bugle Music: Volumes 2 (Modern Signals and Calls, Exercises, and Marches)

Volume 2 contains over 400 bugle calls currently in use. Over 200 practice exercises and etudes. Over 300 marches and tunes for bugles. Chapters on funerals of variation nations, practice tips, and drill for buglers. 340p. Available in paperback from Amazon or spiral-bound from Lulu for easy playing on music stands.

Bugle Calls of the American Civil War: A book of information and music. Over 140 Bugle Calls from both sides of the conflict. Covers the Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery, including the changes/updates that happened during the course of the war. Available as a paperback on Amazon.

Bugling After Taps: A book of information and music. Over 100 American Bugle Calls from three eras, plus 16 marches and tunes. A great starting point for the brass playing who is interesting in knowing more about bugling. Available as a paperback on Amazon, or as a PDF eBook you can download now.

Taps Mission Log: This log book is created by the Duty Bugler and you can buy it on Amazon. How do you keep track of how many times you have sounded Taps? Wish you could remember all those Veterans? This log book has spaces for 100 funeral entries so you can record the Veterans that you help honor. Space for recording other events, like Memorial Day services, contacts and other notes. Small 4×6 pocket size fits right in your case.


Regulation Bugle Kit in Nickel Silver: This is the US M1892 Field Trumpet (in the key of G). This one has a nickel silver finish, come with a book and gig bag. Your high end option to get started.

US M1892 Regulation Bugle: This is the quintessential American bugle- the M1892 Field Trumpet in G. The brand name has changed (was Rexcraft for a long time, not is US Regulation) but it has been in continuous production for over a century and still made to the same US Army Quartermaster design.

Regiment Bugle: Here is a more budget conscious option. I have not tried on yet, but I have heard good things and seems to be a decent option (unlike some other total junk below this price point).


Al Cass Valve Oil: It’s back with the original formulation! OK, not exactly a bugle supply, but most of us play modern trumpet and need valve oil. This is the oil I have been using for decades. You can find a listing for a single bottle, or even by the case- but the two pack seems an economical answer.

Cleaning Kit: Keep your bugle clean and in working order to sound your best.

Other Books

5-Minute Bugle Course: This is an old Boy Scouts of Ameria publication now being reprinted.

US Navy Manual for Buglers: This is an old 1953 edition of a 1919 manual from the US Navy which is now being reprinted.

67 Bugle Calls: This is a short pamphlet printed by Carl Fischer that contains 67 US bugle calls.

Complete Instructive Manual for the Bugle by Safranek: This is a reprint of scans from Safranek’s manual – the 1918 edition.

Infantry Bugle Calls of the Civil War: Compiled by George Rabbai, this booklet contains 49 bugle calls used by the American INfantry during the Civil War. Includes digital download of audio files of all the calls.

Fun with the Bugle: Published by Mel Bay, this booklet contains practice exercises for beginning buglers.

The Bugler’s Handbook: Published by Mel Bay, this booklet is an introduction for beginning buglers and several bugle calls.

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