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This is the place to find music for our favorite valve-less instrument. Be part of our worldwide community of trumpeters and buglers.

Bugling is about more than short, simple Army bugle calls. There is an entire repertoire of marches, waltzes, and other entertaining music written for valve-less horns. This is the place for finding music for bugle and trumpet, without valves.

Available NOW! Anthology of Bugle Music

The Anthology of Bugle music is here!

Two volumes. Over 600 pages total.

Vol 1: Almost 1,500 historical bugle calls from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Vol 2: Over 400 modern bugle calls from around the world. Over 300 marches and tunes. Over 200 practice exercises and etudes.

Both volumes include chapters of text with information about military bugling, historical context, and helpful tips.


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Bugle Calls of the American Civil War

All the bugle calls from the American Civil War period- Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery- including changes and updates to regulations that happened during the war. Now available in paperback on Amazon. 38 pages.


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About Me

My name is “Buddy” Cooke. I have been playing trumpet and bugle for over 30 years. I started out as a kid playing soprano bugle in my local drum and bugle corps. I continued playing in school, college, community bands, church groups, and even gigging at bars. My passion is for military-style music.

While a Cadet at the US Military Academy, I was a member of the Cadet Field Music Group. We worked with the “Hellcats” and performed duties on trumpets and drums. That experience exposed me to the fact that bugle music is not just bugle calls, but also a wide range of marches and other entertaining music that can be played without valves. Since then, I have been on a 20+ year quest to find and collect the lost bugle repertoire.

SFC Denver Dill sounds Reveille at West Point.
(Note: someone had fun editing. The cannon is only fired once.)

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